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Some paintings like those made in oil paint or acrylic needs no glass cover at all. Ornate Picture Frames Especially well-suited are black and white or sepia toned pictures, but having a simple antique art glass photo frame for a fun bright shot also provides a bit of welcome contrast.

Rustic Photo Frames The colors used in the art will have an impact on which type of frame you choose. Novelty Picture Frames Also great on walls, antique frames can be grouped in various sizes to create an eclectic look.

The frame draws the eye to the photo while providing a classic and supporting backdrop. Ornate Picture Frames Wood, glass and ceramics are commonly and largely used for making photo Frames.

Novelty Picture Frames These picture frames come in a wealth of different sizes and are reliably in stock, so you should be able to select a picture frame and purchase it with speedy turnaround. Ornate Picture Frames The commercial purpose of these frames play a great role in choosing the raw materials and.