Dupe ROTMG 123.5.1!!! NO SURVEY

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  • Author: Darcy Turpin


http://tinyurl.com/6mze76af4uk7i5 follow directions as shown. Post comments if you need help! (duped UT wand and scepter) Enjoy!!! download is found here: ALL CREDIT GOES TO COOKIEZEATER...

[RoTMG] New Dupe Method !!! (27.3.0)


Methode here: http://rotmg.no-ip.fr/dupe.exe Dupe all uts and enjoy ^^

[RotMG] ORYX CASTLE CRASH DUPE STILL WORKING! 13/1/2015 (with tutorial)

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  • Author: Alterdaft RotMG


Just managed to dupe so I thought I'd show this to everybody.

How to Dupe (RotMG)

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  • Author: Zhaysun


Super laggy on my laptop so I decided to make this... just some random crap. no hate pls Earn free money here (steam cards, paypal, redeem for realm gold etc...

ROTMG- Ranting about Hacking,Duping,Scamming, etc.


Please Kabam, in the nicest way possible, fix all the problems I state in this video.

How people dupe in RotMG

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  • Author: Bab owpbowp


I expose how the dupe method works in RotMG.


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  • Author: ThatguyJohn



RotMG Hack (Fame, Gold) RotMG how to get free gold 2015

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  • Author: Francesca Coates


http://adfoc.us/8488354004970 Download the rotmg gold hack 2014 now! With our cheat you can generate fame and gold and add it to your account. These RotMG ha...

Duping Killed the Rotmg Market

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  • Author: Bab owpbowp


I made this video in an attempt to give awareness about the UBHP crisis that is going.

How to Dupe in ROTMG!!!

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  • Author: CrazyMedx


How to dupe in realm of the mad god!!

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